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Gold Rate in West Bengal

Today's Gold Rate in West Bengal( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 51600

Today's Gold Rate (22K) per 10 gram

Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In West Bengal (Today & Yesterday)
Today Yesterday Rate Change
Standard Gold (22 K) (10 gram) 51600 51600 ₹ 0
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 10 gram ) 52600 52600 ₹ 0

Gold Rate in West Bengal Today

Gold Rate in West Bengal – Cultural Capital of India

Gold ornaments are an integral part of Bengali tradition and culture. The sacredness of Hooghly river, tranquil beauty of the Himalayas, the wildness of Sunderban, the blossoming green tea gardens, the culture of west Bengalis a perfect blend of tradition, sophistication, and modernity. The traditional, ethnic jewelry is made of gold and other precious stones. Bengali jewelry is finely crafted, with intricate design and perfect meticulousness. Gold price in West Bengal is increasing as the demand for this precious metal is soaring.

Current Price

The Rate of 24-carat gold in West Bengal is INR 47,141 per 10 grams. The price of 22k gold is INR 45,970 per 10gram. The gold rate differs from state to state from city to city due to transport costs. The physical movement of gold from one place to another requires strict surveillance and security. This factor adds up to the price of gold.

Gold Coins

A gold coin is the best option if you want to invest in gold. Gold coins are available in denominations of 5 to 10 grams. You can buy gold coins online or from MMTC outlets or renowned jewelers. If you purchase from MMTC outlets, you can sell those coins at West Bengal sone ka bhav, or gold rate in West Bengal today, as they have buyback policy. Buy gold coins that are certified as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) hallmark. All gold coins are crafted from 24 k gold with 99.9% purity.

Gold Monetisation Scheme

Aaj ka sone ka bhav West Bengal

This scheme is an updated version of the Gold Deposit Scheme. The purpose of this scheme is to mobilize available, idle gold in households or institutions for a fruitful purpose. Once you deposit your gold in the selected bank, you start to earn interest determined by the central government and modified by RBI from time to time. There are three-time frames; short (1to 3 years), medium (5 to 7 years), and long term 12to 15 years). The minimum lock-in period is 3 to 5 years for medium and long term.

You can also buy Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued by RBI (Reserve Bank of India), each unit is equal to Gold market rate in West Bengal or, aaj ka sone ka bhav West Bengal of one gram of gold. Start your gold investment knowing aaj ka sone ka bhav West Bengal ka. Check Silver Price in West Bengal