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Silver Rate in Uttar Pradesh

Today's Silver Rate in Uttar Pradesh ( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 66345

Today's Silver Rate per Kg

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Today Yesterday Rate Change
66345/1kg 62936/1kg ₹ 3409

Silver price in Uttar Pradesh Today

Silver price of Uttar Pradesh - Uttar Pradesh is a land of Rama, Buddha, and the Taj Mahal. It is a land of eternal traditions, palatable cuisines, astonishing music, and monumental heritage. This state introduced the great epics; Ramayana and Mahabharata to the world. Holi, Diwali, and Makar Sankranti are celebrated all over the state with fervor and zeal. In Uttar Pradesh, jewelry is esteemed for its traditional and aesthetic value. Mostly adorned by women, the essence of it lies in the uniqueness of its pattern and workmanship. The Uttar Pradesh silver rate today escalates during the wedding and festive season.

The current market price of silver

Silver price Uttar Pradesh is INR 608 per10 gram. Rate of 1 kg silver in Uttar Pradesh costs INR 60,800. You can start investing in silver by buying coins and bars from banks or local jewelers. Costs of coins from banks are on a higher side as they come with quality certificates and tamper-proof packing. Buying silver jewelry is more expensive as it includes the making charge, which may go up to 10% or more. You can trade in silver futures at MCX or NCDEX. The lot size of silver contracts varies from 1 kilogram to 30 kilograms. These contracts are highly liquid and deliverable.

Invest in Silver

 You can trade in E-silver like E-gold, which is traded on the National Spot Exchange (NSEL). One unit of E-silver is equal to 100 grams of silver. The exchange starts trading from 10 AM and ends at at11:30Pm. To trade, you have to open a trading and demat account with a broker registered with NSEL. On the website of NSEL, you will find the names of the depositories registered with them. The unit of e series is equal to 100 grams of the silver rate of Uttar Pradesh today or aaj ka Chandi ka bhav Uttar Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh Chandi ka bhav.

Aaj ka chandi ka bhav Uttar Pradesh ka

The demand for silver is increasing in India. Both industrial and jewelry sectors generate this demand. As the supply of silver is limited, with growing demand, the price is likely to increase. When you buy silver as an investment, it is better to buy it in the form of coins or bars instead of jewelry. Start your investment by tracking aaj ka chandi ka bhav Uttar Pradesh or aaj ka chandi ka bhav Uttar Pradesh ka. Check Gold Price in Uttar Pradesh