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Petrol Rate in Tripura

Today's Petrol Rate in Tripura( 08 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Tripura

Petrol Price in TripuraAfter the onslaught of pandemic (Covid-19), the Indian economy is slowly but steadily recovering, and with it, diesel prices and petrol are steadily rising. Even though Brent crude is trading below $40 per barrel, Tripura today petrol price and of diesel is surging drastically, baffling many consumers. Oil marketing companies (OMCs) is increasing the price of fuel since June. To contain coronavirus, the strict lockdown was imposed by the government; as the economy was stalled, revenue generation was hindered radically. To recover the revenue loss during the 82 days lockdown period, OMCs are increasing the fuel price.


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Cost of petrol in Tripura today is INR 81.40 per liter as in Agartala, North, South and west Tripura. The increased rate of exercise duty imposed by the government is the chief season for a surge of fuel price. Increased excise duty of INR10 and INR13 one liter of petrol and diesel was imposed in May; 2020.INR 8 goes towards road and infrastructure cess, and the remaining part to special supplementary excise duty. The OMCs did not increase fuel price for a prolonged period as demand was subdued for restricted goods and people mobility. But as travel restrictions are slowly curtailed, demand for petrol is increasing so is Petrol price in Tripura.

Tripura Petrol Rate Today

Oil and Natural gas industry


The Dynamic Fuel Pricing introduced by the Government of India determines Petrol Price in Tripura Today and other parts of the country. The oil and natural gas sector play an imperative role in the country's economy. This sector, oil, and natural gas (ONG), contributes around 15% of GDP. There are three major segments; upstream, downstream, and midstream. The upstream segment deals with the exploration and production of crude oil. The operation of storage and transportation of natural gas and crude oil is supervised in midstream. The downstream segment involves fabrication, refining petroleum products, storage, transportation, and end products marketing.


Petrol rates in Tripura is becoming more volatile as the international crude oil is firming. As petrol and diesel's price is revised daily, it is essential to track it, epically if you consume a large quantity. The dollar is strengthening against major currencies. Petrol aaj ka bhav in Tripura is inching up.