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Gold Rate in Tripura

Today's Gold Rate in Tripura( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 51600

Today's Gold Rate (22K) per 10 gram

Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In Tripura (Today & Yesterday)
Today Yesterday Rate Change
Standard Gold (22 K) (10 gram) 51600 51600 ₹ 0
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 10 gram ) 52600 52600 ₹ 0

City Wise Gold Rate

Gold Rate in Tripura Today

Gold Price In Tripura- Yellow, White Or Rose Price Is The Same

The Indian state of Tripura was called Hill Tippera. It is one of the oldest kingdoms of ancient India. This northeastern state is the third smallest state of India. This state is well known for its cane and bamboo handicraft. There are many orange orchards, rubber, bamboo, tea plantation, jute cultivation, and pineapple estate in this state. People of Tripura are always fascinated with gold for a long time. Women wear beautiful gold jewelry studded with precious stones like diamond, ruby, and sapphire. The gold price in Tripura is tandem with the international price.

The market price of gold

The Rate of 24 carat gold in Tripura is INR 4,725 per gram and INR 37,800 per 8 gram as of today. The price of 22k gold is INR 4,418 per gram and INR 35,344 per 8 grams of gold.

Yellow, rose and white gold

Tripura sone ka bhav, or gold rate in Tripura today, is the same for white, yellow, or rose-colored gold. Some jewelers ask for more rates for white or rose gold making. It is the alloy which affects different colors in gold. Always try to buy hallmarked jewelry, as it ensures the purity of the product. Till today, only 30% of gold ornaments sold are hallmarked. Jewelers Association of Tripura decides the gold market rate in Tripura or, aaj ka sone ka bhav Tripura, with keeping in parity with the daily price of gold determined by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association (IBJA). Gold is one of the most liquid assets and is held in reserve by all major banks.

Some interesting facts

Aaj ka sone ka bhav Tripura

The price of this precious commodity is determined by stock symmetry, then flow equilibrium. The factors which influence the price of this commodity is different from which affects other financial instruments. China produces 3.61 tons of gold, second-largest producer is South Africa. 2/3 rd of the total import of gold comes from South Africa. From an ounce (28.34gram) of gold, one can create a 100 square feet wire, as this noble metal is most ductile and malleable. Gold is also an excellent electric conductor. Know aaj ka sone ka bhav Tripura ka, before you buy gold. Check Silver Price in Tripura