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Petrol Rate in Telangna

Today's Petrol Rate in Telangna( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 108.2

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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108.2 108.2 ₹ 0

Petrol Rate Today

Petrol Price in Telangna

Petrol Price in Telangna : Crude oil islocated underground in liquid form. The oil is extracted through drilling. Itis also called fossil fuel due to its origin. It takes millions of years to formcrude oil, when prehistoric plankton and algae sink in the bottom of the ocean,combines with mud, and layers of sedimentation forms over it. Over millions ofyears, the intense water pressure generates heat which transforms the planktonand algae into kerogen; a sticky substance. When more pressure and heat is applied kerogen turns into liquid oil. Hydrocarbons are the predominant constitution of oil attributing to 57% to 97% of oil. Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur constitute 6% to 10%, and 1% is a metal like; nickel, copper, iron and vanadium. Telagana today petrol price is reliant on the international crude price.


Market price and mechanism


Cost of petrol in Telaganatoday is INR 84.25 per liter as on today, in all major citiesincluding Hyderabad. As the price of gasoline is revised daily, the pricevariation is minimal, compared to the earlier fifteen days review. Before 16thJune 2017, petrol price was modified on 1st and 16th ofeach month. The fifteen-day average price of international crude price andthe exchange rate of dollar to rupee was taken into consideration to determine theprice. Dynamic Fuel Pricing is the new norm for determining the Petrol price in Telagana and other Indian states. The state-run oil marketing companies like;Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, and Bharat Petroleum assess the price of petrol and diesel at 6.00 am IST.

Telangna Petrol Rate Today 

The revised petrol price is updated by 6 in the morning in all fuel stations across the country. Automated centrally connected fuel stations get auto-updated of petrol prices, whereas the non-automated stations update the price manually. The fuel stations note the petrol and diesel price from official websites of the oil marketing companies and feed it manually on the stations. You can download the app from state-run oil marketingcompanies to watch the Petrol Price in Telagana Today.


Due to Dynamic Fuel Pricing petrol price has become more volatile. You can find it challenging to know the exact Petrol rates in Telagana. But through mobile apps developed by OMCs and SMS, you can understand the correct, precise Petrol aajkabhav in Telagana.