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Petrol Rate in Tamil Nadu

Today's Petrol Rate in Tamil Nadu( 09 Aug 2022 )

₹ 101.79

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101.79 101.79 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Tamil Nadu

Petrol Price in Tamil Nadu : Sales of diesel and petrol increased 6.6%, and 4% respectively in the month of October, over last year as the country celebrated festivals and the economy revived backs to tracks. After the onslaught of the pandemic, the sales of diesel observed first monthly rise. The complete lockdown stalled the demand for diesel; the transportation fuel. When the data is compared to that of September the effect is more dramatic; the rise of the market of diesel is 27.5%, and that of petrol is 8.5%. Tamil Nadu today petrol price is also witnessing the same trend. The state-run leading oil marketing companies provide these statistics.


Current price


Cost of petrol in Tamil Nadu today is INR84.62 per liter as on today. As the economy is recovering, the price of jet fuel also witnessed an increase of 13% rise on a month to month basis, but still below 50% compared to last year. Consumer demand increase during the festive season and goods transpiration also enhanced to meet the growing demands. The demand for two-wheelers and cars also started picking up, propelling the fuel price. Petrol price in Tamil Nadu is also increasing aligning with the overall economic improvement. With more economic activities and normalcy returning, demand for fuel is rising. Petrol price in Tamil Nadu is witnessing a surge in the festive season and expected to continue to year-end.


Tamil Nadu Petrol Rate Today

More people prefer private transport than the public one; to avoid contamination of pandemic is also boosting Petrol Price in Tamil Nadu Today. Recovery in demand for petrol and diesel has improved capacity utilization of refineries. The capacity utilization of Indian oil has enhanced 94%, which was below 50% in April.


Refining of Crude Oil


In petroleum refineries crude oil is transformed into petroleum products which can be used as fuel in transportation, generating heat, electricity and building blocks to manufacture chemicals. Petroleum refiners are intricate, expensive factory facilities, where crude oil is broken down into various components, and then selectively reconfigured into new products. Separation, Conversion and Treatment are the three necessary steps of refiningof crude oil. The cost of refining of crude is included in the Petrol rates in Tamil Nadu or Petrol aajkabhav in Tamil Nadu.