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Petrol Rate in Rajasthan

Today's Petrol Rate in Rajasthan( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 107.06

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107.06 107.06 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Rajasthan

Petrol Price in Rajasthan : The consumption of petrol and diesel plunged to the lowest observed level since early 2017, so was the import of crude oil. In June this year, the import of oil sink to 2.82 million b/deducing the lockdown session, consumption, and demand was highly affected. Still, the economy shows signs of a robust recovery. Rajasthan today petrol price is also firming up after lockdown. As the economy is recuperating, import of crude oil is up by 82% on month to month basis and 23% up on an annual basis, standing at 5.14 million b/d crude oil in July. The import of crude oil is coming very close to averagelevel.


Market price


Cost of petrol in Rajasthantoday is INR 88.30 per liter in all major cities of the state.

Rajasthan is the largest Indian state in terms of area (342.239 squarekilometers). Merging of Rajputana into the Republic of India in 30thMarch 1947 constituted this state. Petrol price in Rajasthan alters every day, as against fortnight revision. The government hasan oil drill site near Barmer, capable of extracting 175000 barrels of crude daily.The economy of the state is developing at a fast space; the demand for fuel is alsoexpected to rise in the coming days. Petrol Price in Rajasthan Today is dependent on the global price of Brent crude oil. The seamless transportation of diesel and petrol keeps the demand-supply equilibrium. The international price of crude is anessential factor for gasoline's domestic price, aligning with other factors like the output of oil, political tension, and global demand.

Rajasthan Petrol Rate Today


Volatility of crude


Petrol rates in Rajasthan have become volatile as the international price of Brent crude has become so. This attribute of the price is expected to continue in the near future. The pandemic (Covid-19) has perpetually changed human behavior. More individuals opt for private vehicles than public transport, which is a considerable parameter affecting the consumption and import of crude oil. If the situation continues in this fashion, the import of crude will strengthen, and the domestic market will consume more refined petroleum. From June 2017, Petrol aajkabhav in Rajasthan is revised daily at 6 in the morning, considering various factors.