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Petrol Rate in Pondicherry

Today's Petrol Rate in Pondicherry( 08 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Pondicherry

Petrol Price in PondicherryPondicherry gets served by PRTC (Puducherry Road Transport Corp) and it links this place to different corners of the city. At times, to other towns present in the UT (Union Territory), like Mahe, Karaikal, and Yanam too. People are also liberal to take their pick between ordinary, deluxe, express, semi low-floor, and ultra-deluxe buses.

The Pondicherry Tourism Dev. Corp. operates regularly for tourists who visit this city. It is considered one of the several inexpensive ways for sightseeing in and around Pondicherry. The good thing is the bus route does cover the major portions of the well-known tourist spots. If you wish to have a luxurious journey, then you can hire a car also for traveling to nearby cities and within Pondicherry.

The revision of the petrol prices

The petrol prices are revised daily and the rates get revised at 6 am. Different factors affect the cost of fuel and these comprise Rupee to the United States rate of dollar Exchange, global cues, price of crude oil, demand for a duel, etc. When the prices of International crude oil gain then the costs of fuel in India go higher. The costs of fuel comprise VAT (value-added tax), excise duty, and dealer commission. Value Added Tax varies from one state to another. After including dealer commission, excise duty, the retail selling cost of the fuel becomes doubled.

Pondicherry Petrol Rate Today

The Pondicherry today petrol price is INR 82.61/litre. The previous alteration in the petrol rate in Pondicherryhappened on 6th November 2020. The rate was escalated by +0 rupees. Additionally, you can also know the latest cost of petrol in Pondicherry today. Be mindful that the price of petrol includes the state taxes of Pondicherry.

The rules of petrol prices

The petrol price in Pondicherry is becoming highly volatile because the costs of crude oil are reflecting a strong trend. This is vital for people to check the petrol price in Pondicherry todaybeforehand particularly when they have been planning a long drive. They must keep this in mind that the prices of petrol and diesel get revised regularly and so, people tend to check the petrol aajkabhav in Pondicherry daily.