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Petrol Rate in Orissa

Today's Petrol Rate in Orissa( 09 Aug 2022 )

₹ 101.81

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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101.81 101.81 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Orissa

Petrol Price in OrissaOdisha stands at 11th position regarding population and it is one of the highly popular northeastern states. It is also the 3rd most populous state regarding tribal population. Presently, this state is called Odisha but earlier it was known as Orissa. Odisha enjoys a growth rate that is more than the national average. Because of the obtainability of many resources, Odisha has become the highly preferred place for the proposals of overseas investments and industrial setups.

And so, it does not come as a surprise that fuel plays a highly vital role in the transportation sector and the development of industries. Therefore, the registration of goods carrier vehicles edged up in this state for touching 4,29,749 in the year 2016 only.

The solutions to track the present petrol price of Bhubaneswar

It is a significant aspect which explores the choices that are needed to exploit the present costs of fuel. The smartphone apps designs that OMCs make are utilized by many petrol consumers. For knowing Orissa today petrol price they find downloading as well as utilizing mobile applications to be the highly convenient method. They have huge benefits for customers who wish to know the cost of petrol in Orissa today. If people want, they can get details about four-wheeler and two-wheeler insurance too.

Orissa Petrol Rate Today

You can download the mobile applications of the OMCs and you can also manage them right on your smartphone. A person can download the application of a particular oil company and for this; he doesn’t need to incur any cost. Now, if you don’t use a smartphone, then you will be able to track the transparent petrol price in Orissa via toll-free numbers or the SMS facility of the OMCs. Besides these processes, a person can also visit IOL, HPCL, or BPCL websites for knowing more details for knowing the petrol price in Orissa today.

The current price of petrol

The petrol rate in Orissa is INR 81.55 per litre. The petrol aaj ka bhav in Orissa that is extracted from HPCL might vary within the city. The costs also vary at other companies’ outlets and the retail petrol price of Orissa per litre comprises all state as well as central tax.