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Petrol Rate in Mizoram

Today's Petrol Rate in Mizoram( 09 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Mizoram

Petrol Price in Mizoram : Mizoram has been connected with the rest of India by rail, air, and road transport. When people visit this state they can get around with local state transport buses in and around Aizawl. However, people must be aware that these buses do travel on some routes only. And so, it becomes important for them to be confirmed of its route before they board one. If people want, they can also hire a private van or minibus for sightseeing.

The economic activities of people of this region comprise a huge range of small-scale industries, such as handicrafts and handloom, furniture manufacturing, silk production, grain milling, oil refining, etc.

The RSP (Retail Selling Price) of petrol

People who live in Mizoram besides other people who come from other places look forward to knowing the petrol price of Mizoram. The RSP of petrol is determined based on many factors. The average cost of crude oil gets calculated every fortnight and this cost is calculated in dollars/barrel. The cost of Indian rupees tends to be dependent on the average exchange cost for that period.

Mizoram Petrol Rate Today

Transformation into petrol from crude oil

The crude oil gets transformed as well as refined for extracting petrol. The freight and cost charges and charges of the refinery are included in the cost of crude oil. It is known as RTP (Refinery Transfer Price). To put it in other words, this is the cost that the OMCs, like BPCL, HPCL, and IOCL pay to the refineries. OMCs, manage to retain some margin before selling it off to the dealer.

The revision of the prices of petrol

When you wish to know Mizoram today petrol price then you must be aware that petrol aajkabhav in Mizorambecomes revised at petrol pumps at 6 o’clock in the morning. For preparing the cost of petrol of Mizoram today, petrol pumps would not follow a method of marginal differentiated pricing that is the result of costs at various outlets based on location. For instance, a petrol pump that is closer to the supply station might have a reasonable price in comparison to the one that is farther away.

The most expensive price of fuel in Mizoram

The most expensive petrol price in Mizoram today is 78.69 Rs./litre. This petrol rate in Mizoram has been observed on 2nd November 2020 for petrol.