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Petrol Rate in Maharashtra

Today's Petrol Rate in Maharashtra( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 107.82

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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107.82 107.82 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Maharashtra

Petrol Price in Maharashtra : The prices of petrol in Maharashtra are dependent on the dynamic fuel system. The prices are revised regularly. The dynamic pricing ensures that the variation in the oil prices globally are transmitted to fuel dealers. Final Maharashtra today petrol price is determined by adding a payment to the excise duty, refineries, Value-Added Tax, and dealer commission.

Determining the petrol price in Maharashtra

India greatly depends on the oil imports and therefore, the petrol rate in Maharashtra depends on the movements of crude oil prices in the international market. The oil companies import oil from overseas on a contractual basis. The refiners convert oil into petrol and it is supplied to users by dealers.

The petrol aajkabhav in Maharashtra includes the price of crude oil, the refinery transfer price, central excise duty, Valu-Added tax, dealers commission, and other expenses. The oil marketing companies incur expenses as transport costs, operational costs, and entry raxes. The dealers' commission on petrol varies across the different states.

Maharashtra Petrol Rate Today

Today’s petrol price in Maharashtra

The cost of petrol in Maharashtra todayis INR 87.74 per litre. Petrol is very crucial these days. The petrol price in Maharashtra is increasing because of several factors. The significant reason for the increase in the price of petrol is an increase in the value of the dollar. Some other factors include import charges on petrol, an increase in the usage of vehicles, and no production of petrol in India.

The main reason why there is an increase or decrease in the price of fuel is trading in US dollars. A little variation in the USD results in a sudden change in the petrol price in Maharashtra today.

How do consumers get affected?

Consumers find it difficult to handle an increase in the price of petrol. As the number of vehicles has increased in India, petrol consumption has increased too. The demand for petrol is greater than the supply of petrol. The hike in petrol price affects the economy and therefore, the government should find an instant solution to resolve the issue. The price of petrol in Maharashtra is regularly updated and a minor change in the price of crude oil in the global market can affect the price of petrol in Maharashtra.