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Petrol Rate in Madhya Pradesh

Today's Petrol Rate in Madhya Pradesh( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 107.25

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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107.25 107.25 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Madhya Pradesh

Petrol Price in Madhya Pradesh : Madhya Pradesh is located in central India.and this state is an agrarian economy. The number of vehicles in Madhya Pradesh is increasing because of the improvement in the state’s economic affairs. Vehicles need fuel and a major part of the oil is imported from the international market.

The present price of petrol in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh today petrol price is calculated under the method of Dynamic Fuel Pricing. You can find the cost of petrol in Madhya Pradesh today together with quarterly price trends. The new prices of petrol in Madhya Pradesh are updated daily by the state-controlled companies at 6 A.M.

Madhya Pradesh Petrol Rate Today

Multiple factors affect the petrol prices in Madhya Pradesh. You can check out the lowest and highest prices recorded in a month. Consumers can know the price of petrol in Madhya Pradesh. People can download and install mobile apps to know more about the present petrol price depending on the location.

Besides this, people can send SMS to the service numbers of BPCL, IOC, and HPCL to get the petrol aaj ka bhav in Madhya Pradesh. The best way to know the petrol rate in Madhya Pradesh is to head towards the fuel filling station located in many cities in Madhya Pradesh. The present petrol price is Rs. 88.7 per litre.

Factors affecting the petrol price in Madhya Pradesh

There are several factors, which affect the petrol price in Madhya Pradesh today. Crude oil is a key component in fuel pricing but this is not the only determining factor. There are a few other factors that decide the rates.

Almost 74% of the population of Madhya Pradesh is dependent on industrial and economic growth and it is one the fastest growing states in India.


Though there are different kinds of taxes involved in petrol, they are mainly divided into two groups. They are the Central Excise Duty and the State Value added tax. These two kinds of taxes are added to the petrol rates. The VAT differs from one State to another and it keeps revising. The minor variations in petrol price in Madhya Pradesh are because of differences in profit margins and dealer commissions.