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Petrol Rate in Karnataka

Today's Petrol Rate in Karnataka( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 10.14

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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10.14 10.14 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Karnataka

Petrol Price in karnataka : Karnataka is a popular state of India. The number of vehicles run on petrol is increasing in the state and this has resulted in the growth of petrol consumption at a huge rate. The petrol price in Karnataka is becoming highly buoyant along with the worldwide market. The prices of petrol are revised daily and so it is vital to check its prices before you head upwards the fuel station.

Petrol prices are revised daily in Karnataka

The petrol prices are revised regularly at 6 A.M. and the same is followed in all the fuel stations located in Karnataka. The changes in petrol prices in Karnataka is dependent on the fuel prices in the world market besides the external factors. A small change in the price of petrol in the global market can impact the petrol price in Karnataka today.

Karnataka Petrol Rate Today

The petrol aajkabhav in Karnataka is INR 83.69 per litre. The price is fixed under the Dynamic Fuel Pricing Method. You can check the present price of petrol in Karnataka and find out the cost of petrol in Karnataka today with the quarterly price trends.

There is an immense increase in the price of refined product and crude oil compared to the earlier years. Besides the two factors, increased oil demand, seasonal demand, and other factors are the reasons for the hike in today’s petrol rate.

Why is the price of petrol rising in Karnataka?

A drop in rupee’s price is a significant reason for the increase in the price of petrol in Karnataka.  As the petrol price in Karnataka is changing constantly, it is crucial to keep yourself updated regarding the petrol price today. The petrol rate in Karnataka is revised daily depending on the global crude oil price and the currency exchange rate of the earlier day.

Check the petrol price

It is important to check Karnataka today petrol pricewhen you are going for a long drive. It is because you need more petrol for a long drive. A small change in today’s petrol prices shall result in a huge loss. At times, the petrol prices differ from one place to another in Karnataka.