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Petrol Rate in Jharkhand

Today's Petrol Rate in Jharkhand( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 98.48

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98.48 98.48 ₹ 0

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Petrol Price in Jharkhand

Petrol Price in JharkhandWith many infrastructure developments taking place in Jharkhand, the urban areas of the state have grown for meeting the needs of the increasing population of vehicles. With the rise in consumption of petrol in Jharkhand, it is important to know the petrol price in Jharkhand and what influences the revision in its prices.

The current petrol price in Jharkhand

Jharkhand today petrol price is INR 81.19 per litre. The petrol prices in Jharkhand is becoming highly volatile because the prices of crude oil show a firm trend. The petrol prices are daily revised and therefore, you can lose a lot when you travel for a long distance. The rupee has moved lower against the dollar and this has made the cost of petrol in Jharkhand today more expensive compared to earlier. If the government reduces the excise duties then the rates can become cheaper in the forthcoming days.

Why are the petrol prices in Jharkhand revised daily?

The petrol prices till June 2017, were revised fortnightly. However, the fortnightly revision of petrol prices did not allow the fuel companies to enhance or reduce petrol price when there was a sudden decline or incline in the prices of crude oil. To offset the losses faced by the oil companies and pass on the newest crude oil prices, the mechanism od dynamic fuel pricing was started.

In the new pricing method, the petrol price in Jharkhand today is revised at 6 A.M. IST daily depending on the crude oil price of the earlier day and the exchange rate of the dollar.
Jharkhand Petrol Rate Today

Tracking the current petrol price in Jharkhand

As the petrol prices are being revised daily, it is a challenge for tracking the petrol aajkabhav in Jharkhand but oil companies have developed different methods for tracking the present petrol price.

·         Mobile applications

Consumers can track the petrol rate in Jharkhand through the mobile applications launched by oil companies. Indian Oil can use the Fuel@IOC app, Hindustan Petroleum uses MY HPCL app, and Bharat Petroleum uses the SmartDrive app.

·         SMS

Consumers can take the benefit of SMS services provided by different oil companies. This service can help you know the latest petrol price.

·         Website

Oil companies update in their respective websites the latest petrol price in Jharkhand.