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Petrol Rate in Jammu & Kashmir

Today's Petrol Rate in Jammu & Kashmir( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 98.15

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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98.15 98.15 ₹ 0

Petrol Rate Today

Petrol Price in Jammu & Kashmir

Petrol Price in Jammu & Kashmir : Jammu and Kashmir excluding the Jammu Plain as well as Jhelum Valley tend to be mountainous in character. The construction of railway lines via the tough terrain of the Middle Himalayas and Greater Himalayas becomes a tough proposition. This is a highly challenging and stupendous task to converse railway tracks in the snowy winters as fragile rock strata demand a prohibitive price.

The price of petrol in Jammu

The prices of petrol are turning highly volatile because the costs of crude oil are flaunting a secure trend. This is vital to check the price of petrol in Jammu and it is INR 81.32 per litre. This is highly important when people decide to go for a long drive. People should keep this in mind that the prices of petrol and diesel are revised regularly and so, they can lose much especially when they are travelling long distances. Again, the rupee too has moved lower in comparison to the dollar and it has turned the prices of petrol in Jammu highly expensive than the previous times.

Jammu and Kashmir Petrol Rate Today

The present price of petrol in J&K

Before you know about Jammu and Kashmir today petrol price you must keep this in mind that these prices are revised daily as they are revised in other states. Every private vehicle utilizes petrol extensively and it comprises four-wheelers and two-wheelers too. Only recently, the consumption of fuel in this state has augmented significantly because there is an escalation in vehicular density. Different elements comprise the revision of the cost of petrol in Jammu and Kashmir today.

The regular revision method of the petrol price in Jammu and Kashmir takes into consideration the currency exchange and crude oil rate besides operational costs and taxes. As above 70 percent of crude oil gets imported from the oil-producing nations, petrol has turned into a mandatory component in India. The petrol price in Jammu and Kashmir today is INR 83.66 per litre.

The petrol aajkabhav in Jammu and Kashmir is extracted from HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd) and Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. and it varies within the city besides outlets of various other companies. The retail fuel price of Jammu and Kashmir comprises every state and central tax.