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Silver Rate in Himachal Pradesh

Today's Silver Rate in Himachal Pradesh ( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 66345

Today's Silver Rate per Kg

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66345/1kg 62936/1kg ₹ 3409

Silver Price in Himachal Pradesh Today

Silver price of Himachal Pradesh - A silver ornament is a typical motif for a woman in Himachal Pradesh. The local silversmiths are called sunaris, who craft gorgeous, elaborate, artistic jewellery. It is believed that gold and silver jewellery ward off evil, though silver ornaments are more common. The artisans of Kangra district are highly skilled enameling gold and silver jewellery with different designs and patterns.  The artisans of Kulu and Sultanpur districts have mastered the art of chasing and filigree work. One of the most treasured jewellery of this region is coin necklace or chandrahar. The Himachal Pradesh silver rate today is tandem with the international and national price of the commodity.

Market price

Silver price Himachal Pradesh is INR 528 per10 gram. Rate of 1 kg silver in Himachal Pradesh costs INR 52,810. Silver is witnessing a continuous uptrend, and many investors are wondering is the right time to buy silver, and make it a part of their investment portfolio. The price movement of this white metal has been volatile in recent times, but it is still a haven like gold. These assets can mitigate the effects of inflation, devaluation of currencies, and other economic uncertainties.

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Aaj ka chandi ka bhav Himachal Pradesh ka

Investors often buy precious metals during global slowdown and turmoil. When political and economic uncertainties loom over, gold and silver become a more safe and secure investment. Many investors ignore this white metal and go for gold, even though silver plays the same role. Currencies, stocks, and bonds, and other financial instruments are forms of assets, but fundamentally digital promissory notes. All these assets are exposed to depreciation due to actions like an extra inflow of money in the economy.

Silver carries a finite tangible value, which means though it is exposed to market fluctuations like other commodities; it could not completely crash, because of its inherent real value. Start buying physical silver coins or bars and know about the silver rate of Himachal Pradesh or aaj ka Chandi ka bhav Himachal Pradesh or Himachal Pradesh Chandi ka bhav. Starts buying silver in dips and keep watching aaj ka chandi ka bhav Himachal Pradesh or aaj ka chandi ka bhav Himachal Pradesh ka. Check Gold Price in Himachal Pradesh