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Petrol Rate in Himachal Pradesh

Today's Petrol Rate in Himachal Pradesh( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 99.28

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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99.28 99.28 ₹ 0

Petrol Price in Himachal Pradesh

Petrol Price in Himachal Pradesh : With the regular revision in place, the prices of petrol tend to fluctuate frequently. Himachal Pradesh today petrol price can be traced easily in every part of the state. Numerous people don’t remain aware that every oil marketing company has designed various mobile applications for assisting consumers. People can download mobile apps for tracking the current cost of petrol in Himachal Pradesh today. The easiest and best method is to check the petrol price in Himachal Pradesh online.

The computation process of Himachal Pradesh petrol price

The retail selling cost of petrol of Himachal Pradesh comprises the elements mentioned below:

Taxes – Tax components are the biggest cost factors that determine the structure of the petrol price in Himachal Pradesh. Commonly, there are a couple of taxes; VAT and the central excise duty. The VAT does vary from one state to other states and the government imposes the VAT and it was 27 percent in Himachal Pradesh. On the other hand, the central government imposes the central excise duty and it tends to be the same in every state in India.

Himachal Pradesh Petrol Rate Today

Price of cost oil – Petrol gets derived from unrefined oil or crude oil. It is traded in international markets. The price of crude oil happens to be dependent on global political events, seasonal fluctuations, the capacities of refiners, the demand for oil from the emerging nations, and the exchange rate. On 2nd November 2017, the WTI crude oil cost was fixed at Rs. 54.34/barrel and a barrel is the same as 159 litres.

Expenses that the OMCs incur – OMCs incur different kinds of costs and it comprises transportation costs, entry taxes, refinery transfer price, and operational expenses. The margin of profit of OMCs is included in the general expenses that they incur. Another vital cost component tends to be the commission that the dealers charge. On 2nd Aug 2017, the dealer commission emerged as 55 percent and the retail selling cost in Himachal Pradesh comprises every cost that is mentioned above.

The current price of petrol

The petrol price in Himachal Pradesh today is INR 79.62 per litre. The petrol rate in Himachal Pradesh is subject to the present economic condition of India. Additionally, petrol aajkabhav in Himachal Pradesh is integrated with import duties and transportation charges.