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Petrol Rate in Goa

Today's Petrol Rate in Goa( 09 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Goa

Petrol Price in GoaAs Goa is one of the preferred tourist destinations for people in India, it has got every significant mode of public transport. The remarkable thing is the local transportation of this place caters to people of every taste and pocket. You will get everything beginning from auto-rickshaws to air-conditioned deluxe buses. Hence, no person will face any kind of difficulty in finding his type of public transport that he requires based on his budget. There isn’t any dearth of local transport in this place as people remain least bothered about petrol aaj ka bhav in Goa. So, it means people will find cabs and autos 24x7 regardless of the petrol rate in Goa

The decision of the Goa government

The government of Goa has decided that individuals who do not wear masks would not be allowed to take ration from fair price shops. Again, they will be disallowed to take fuel too from the petrol pumps in Goa. This decision was taken at the time of the SEC (State Executive Committee) meeting that ParimalRai, the Chief Secretary chaired on Thursday.

Goa Petrol Rate Today

According to the SEC, the use of face cover or masks must be implemented strictly because of the pandemic. No grocery products or ration would be sold. Additionally, they will be refused to take fuel also in their vehicles. For enabling this, Goa must launch a campaign, such as “no mask-no ration” or “no mask-no petrol.” The Dir. of Civil Supplies should chalk out a campaign for reaching out to the fair price shops and petrol pumps, thus, asking them to utilize this concept.

The cost of petrol in Goa

The Goa today petrol price is Rs. 78.06 per litre. The petrol price in Goa today escalated by Rs. 0.21 per litre since the 29th of September as the petrol price was Rs.77.84 per litre then. The petrol price in Goa gets updated either daily or monthly based on the kind of fuel. People are liberal to avail different cashback proposals by pay using cash or cash payment. The cost of petrol in Goa today is taken from HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) or Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. and it varies at outlets or within the city.