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Petrol Rate in Delhi

Today's Petrol Rate in Delhi( 08 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Delhi

Petrol Price in DelhiThe price of petrol all over the country is soaring, as the crude oil price is becoming more volatile.  Delhi today petrol price is witnessing firm trend, with diesel price. The price of petrol and diesel is revised on a daily basis taking consideration of various factors. It is imperative to check the daily movement of petrol if you travel long distance or consume significant quantity. As the dollar is gaining strength against INR, petrol is becoming pricier. Exercise duty imposed by the government is a crucial factor for asserting the price of petrol. The taxes imposed by government accounts for around 64% of the petrol price.


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Cost of petrol in delhi today is INR 81.06 per litre as on today. Due to the subdued global demand for petrol, owing to pandemic (COVID-19) the commodity was trading at twenty years bottom few months back. Petrol price in delhi, alters every day, as against fortnight revision. Tracking daily price movement of petrol allows you to fill up the tank to fullest when the price is low. Petrol Price in delhi Today is comparatively on the lower side compared to other metropolitan cities of India. 


Price mechanism of petrol


Delhi Petrol Rate Today

Petrol rates in delhi is predominantly determined by leading oil marketing companies like; Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, and Indian oil. The price of petrol is a free market; deregulated, volatile, if you use 30 to 40 litres of petrol daily, the insignificant price variant can make a significant effect on your budget. The price of petrol is mostly dependent on the international price of crude oil. On the base price, several levies like freight charges, excise duty, dealers’ commission, VAT are added to derive at the retail sale price. As petrol and diesel is not under the GST (goods and service tax), VAT applies to these products. The price you pay for petrol in the pumps are primarily dependent on international crude price, excise duty and VAT (value-added tax).


Petrol aajkabhav in delhi includes excise duty, dealers’ commission, VAT, and freight charges. The price of petrol and diesel is firming, as the international price of crude oil is inching higher, and expected to be in an uptrend in coming days.