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Petrol Rate in Daman & Diu

Today's Petrol Rate in Daman & Diu( 09 Aug 2022 )

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Petrol Price in Daman & Diu

Petrol Price in Daman & DiuDaman does cover a huge area geographically and this is the prime reason why tourists fail to find buses plying in this city. But, you can always get minibuses that private operators run. These minibuses link Daman to many neighboring villages.

Well-connected by air, rail, and road

Daman is located on the southern edge of Gujarat. It is nearly 193 kilometers from Mumbai and 11 kilometers from Vapi. Diu is located on the Saurashtra Coast which is nearly 200 kilometers from Rajkot and 90 kilometers south of Veraval. You can reach Diu from Mumbai by air.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is also located on Gujarat’s southern border. The remarkable thing about Daman and Diu is its environment. The air is fresh and there is a complete absence of polluting industry. The health system of this place is also advanced as all facilities are well-equipped, like privately owned hospitals and clinics and government.

Get known to the petrol price of Daman and Diu

If you are interested in knowing the Daman and Diu today petrol price, then be known that in Daman it is INR 77.32/litre whereas in Diu it is INR 77.99/litre. The previous change in the petrol price of Daman was on 6th November 2020. However, there was an escalation in the price by +0 rupees. When you login to some reputed sites then you will get to learn the petrol rate in Daman and Diu easily.

Daman & Diu Petrol Rate Today

The factors affecting the petrol prices

The petrol aajkabhav in Daman and Diu is becoming more and more volatile because it is dependent on the costs of crude oil and its prices are reflecting a strong trend. This is vital for people to check the cost of petrol in Daman and Diu today particularly when they have been tossing with the idea of going to a particular place. Always keep this in mind that the prices of petrol and diesel get revised regularly and so, a person can lose much if he has been traveling long distances. Indian Rupee has gone lower against the dollar and it has made the petrol price in Daman and Diu today costlier than before. This is hoped that the govt. is capable of lessening excise duties for enabling the petrol price in Daman and Diurates turn cheaper in the forthcoming days.