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Silver Rate in Chhattisgarh

Today's Silver Rate in Chhattisgarh ( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 66345

Today's Silver Rate per Kg

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66345/1kg 62936/1kg ₹ 3409

Silver price in Chhattisgarh Today

Silver price of Chhattisgarh  - The Indian state of Chhattisgarh is famous for its multi-colored, vivid, festivals occasions usually embroidered with dance and music. Those events are a personification of traditional, spiritual values, and sheer zeal, and joy. The tribal people follow their traditions and rituals with respect and nurture them. Few of the festivals observed and celebrated by tribal are; Bastar Dussehra and Lok Utsav, Goncha, Pola, Champaran Mela. During these festivals, the Chhattisgarh silver rate today increases due to high demand. The state owns dense forests, and there are many temples and waterfalls within.

Silver price Chhattisgarh is INR 528 per10 gram. Rate of 1 kg silver in Chhattisgarh costs INR 52,810. The demand for silver in Raipur is high, as it is considered the safest form of investment in political and economic turmoil. This white metal provides an adequate shield against inflation, currency devaluation, and other economic instability. People buy silver in the form of trendy silverware, gift items for weddings and festivals, and also in the way of fashionable jewelry. 

Some interesting facts

The three largest countries that produce silver are; Mexico (producing 192 million ounces) in 2014, Peru (built 121 million ounces in 2014), and China (produced 114 million ounces) in 2014. India produces only 10 million ounces yearly. A large demand comes from industrial sectors like solar, chemical, and photography sectors.56% of global demand comes from the industrial sector. Silver is among the most traded commodities in the world. Silver is mainly a by-product generated while producing lead, copper, gold, and zinc. About 4/5th of it comes as a by-product, and 20% of the global production comes from mining. As industrial production peaks up, the silver rate of Chhattisgarh or aaj ka Chandi ka bhav Chhattisgarh or Chhattisgarh Chandi ka bhav increases.

Silver coins

Aaj ka chandi ka bhav Chhattisgarh ka

If you like to taste the water, and want to invest a few thousand, then silver coins is a perfect option. Silver coins are bit higher side compared to bars, but it is easy to store, and purchase. If your resource is limited, then also you can start investing in silver buying silver coins. It can be an excellent option for regular savings. Start the process by regularly watching the aaj ka chandi ka bhav Chhattisgarh or just searching aaj ka chandi ka bhav Chhattisgarh ka. Check Gold Price in Chhattisgarh