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How To Get A Two Wheeler Loan

How To Get A Two Wheeler Loan

How To Get A Two Wheeler Loan? 

Buying a new two-wheeler gives you a sense of pride and an occasion to travel in the crowded metropolises of India comfortably. Serving a two-wheeler loan is a perfect option if you have a limited budget and can not go to make the entire payment in one go. Finance Company offers two-wheeler loans at seductive interest rates and you can buy your favorite bike or scooter by making a small original down payment and rest in the form of low cost Equated Monthly Inaugurations.

Apply for a Two Wheeler Loan in Few Easy Steps

Just fill the online operation form for a two-wheeler loan and you'll get the loan status incontinently.

Visit the dealership exchange where the friendly staff will help you in completing loan formalities.

Submit the needed documents for processing your loan.

Once the loan is approved, make an original down payment and take the delivery of the Bike of your choice.

Who's Eligible for Two Wheeler Loan?

Finance Company has set eligibility criteria for serving two-wheeler loans, and you must be

 Above 18 times of age at the time of applying for a two-wheeler loan.

A salaried professional, self-employed, or Agri profile

In employment for last one time or running your own business for the last two times.

The processing needed documents including income evidence, ID evidence, Phone/ Landline/ Mobile Bill, and address evidence.

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