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Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance policy - For car insurance policy it covers the damage and loss of the insured vehicle. The damage and loss of car policy cause a fire, explosion, lightning, thefts and much more. But car insurance policy does not cover illegal driving, electrical and mechanical breakdown depreciation. Car insurance does not cover these types of values for an insurance policy.

Car insurance

The car insurance is also known for motor or vehicle insurance, is the insurance for trucks, cars, taxis, and another four-wheeler vehicle. The main motive of car insurance is to give financial protection against physical harm emerging from a road accident and against risk coming from incidents involving third party property, vehicle or person. It is a contract between the insurance company and the insured that safe and secures the policyholder against financial loss in any case such as accident or theft. It is important to buy car insurance in India irrespectively of the vehicle type; which is commercial or personal vehicles.

Insurance Policy in India

Types of car insurance policy in India

There is mainly two of best car insurance policy in India within the vehicle insurance plan. That is mention below:

•    Third-party car insurance- This kind of car insurance policy that covers the policyholder against lawful liabilities that emerge to a third party if there is an occurrence of an accident. This type of insurance provides coverage of multi-car policy concerning injuries, property damage, death or disabilities of the third party like walker as well as driver and also the owner of another vehicle. Third-party liability is compulsory under the Motor act, 1988 for those who purchase like, driver or owner.

•    Comprehensive Car insurance- This car insurance policy gives insurance to your car and third parties against all possible risks. It covers any harm to your vehicle because of regular calamities, for example, earthquakes, landslides, floods, and storms, Also, a man-made disaster, for example, thefts, riots, and strikes. Given the overall inclusion that comprehensive best multi car insurance that offers under one umbrella, this kind of four-wheeler insurance policy is ideally suggested for all cars policy.

Online Car Insurance

Benefits of Car Insurance policy

There are various benefits for the best car insurance policy. The list of car insurance is comprised of the following:

  • It covers the third party damage involving your vehicle.
  • It also covers against disaster causes by the thefts, fire, etc.
  • Remunerate vehicles repairing costs in case of damage from the accident.
  • It offers a cashless payment system. With this, a person can repair his or her vehicle from the network garage of the insurer and avail cashless facilities.
  • It offers also discount on premium as multi-car insurance or multi-car policy discount, accident-free discounts, etc.
  • No claim bonus which is offered via car insurance provider to decrease the expenses of premium for each claim-free years kept up by the policyholder.

Benefits of car insurance policy online

Taking a car insurance policy online is a normal practice today. The benefits of taking insurance online now then check out below:

•    No more agents- In offline of car insurance policy requires agents who try to sell their products rather than recommending a better policy from another insurance provider. In online buying of car insurance will remove such agents and then a person can buy the best online policy after comparing different plans offered by various insurance companies.

•    Cashless facility- Purchasing car insurance policy online offers cashless facilities and involve zero cash transaction. A person can also make payment of insurance premium online through using online modes just like credit cards, debit cards and also internet banking.

•    Easy Comparison- With this online buying of car insurance, an individual can compare the plans offers by various companies. Online aggregator permits you to compare the coverage and the premium quotes provided in different plans before selecting an ideal car insurance policy.

•    Soft copy of documents- This is another benefit of applying a car insurance policy online that provides a soft copy of documents on the email. This process makes it easy to access it from any place without any need of carrying a hard copy.

Documents required for car insurance claim

For car insurance policy the documents and details required are given below:

  • Name of the insured person
  • Policy number
  • Contact number
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Number of vehicles
  • Make and model of the car
  • Location and extent of loss
  • Garage name along with contact information
  • Brief description of the accident.

Top companies for car insurance in India

These are some top car insurance companies in India that provide the best insurance for multi-car insurance. That has given below:

  1. United India car insurance
  2. New India car insurance
  3. National car insurance
  4. Oriental car insurance
  5. ICICI Lombard car insurance

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