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Petrol Rate in Assam

Today's Petrol Rate in Assam( 08 Aug 2022 )

₹ 94.58

Current Petrol Price Per Litre

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Petrol Price in Assam

Petrol Price in Assam : Crude oil is viewed as the significant raw material needed for petrol. Presently, 75 percent of the needs of crude oil of India get met via imports. And so, the international costs of foreign exchange rates and crude oil are considered fundamental elements in determining Assam today petrol price. Nonetheless, they form only a trivial element of the retail price as the ultimate cost gets decided by many other factors.

More than 57 percent of the retail price of petrol per liter goes towards duties, taxes, dealer margin, etc. For understanding the method for petrol pricing, you must first understand different stakeholders who are included in the cycle beginning from retailing to the production of petrol. So, this way you can understand the cost of petrol in Assam today.

Assam Petrol Rate Today

Features of Assam you must know

Assam is a state that is situated in the north-eastern region and the area of this state is stretched for 78,435-kilometer sq. This state does contribute to nearly Rs. 3.33 lakh crore meant for Gross Domestic Product and it boasts of an impressive per-capita income of Rs. 60,952/annum. This state has observed an upwelling in the many new vehicle registrations in the previous few years because of the development that happened in this region. And so, the utilization of fuel too has grown in Assam fast. The petrol price in Assam today is Rs. 84.87 per liter.

Reasons behind the expensive price of petrol

There are several reasons behind the expensive petrol price in Assam in comparison to many neighboring countries. Earlier, the Indian government subsidized the petrol rate in Assam according to the prices of the global market. But today, the govt. has stopped the process of subsidizing the prices of petrol and so; the rates are according to the prices of global crude oil. Besides this, the inclusion of excise duty too on petrol has contributed to the inflation of the petrol price in the country.

As extra woes to the present situation, every state in the country do levy separate state-based VAT on petrol. In Assam, it is 30.85 percent. The value-added tax would be included in the rates of petrol before reaching the ultimate value. A customer will bear this and so, the price of petrol aaj ka bhav in Assam has sharply rallied over the previous few months here.