अपने जिले का चयन करें व आज के मंडी भाव जाने

Assam Mandi Bhav - Using the modern digital methods directly into core agricultural trading is now possible with the latest Mandi Bhav mobile application for smartphones. We have this wonderful user-friendly system of letting our users know of the latest trends in the wholesale market for farm produce at no cost or biased interest at all! You get to access the most recent Mandi Rate in Assam right on your phone, whenever you want.

We bring families together as new age MBA educated entrepreneurs of traditional farmer families can proudly display the मण्डीभाव application to their grandparents in the village, and surprise them with the latest news without calling up the agent at the Assam mandi market. Providing updated news of Mandi Bhav in Hindi, users are on track with all latest developments. In fact, your Assam agent can only give you the rates at the local market, but with our comprehensive Mandi Rate app, compare the rates all over India to expand your business.

Comparing Assam daily market rates with that of all over Indian market, along with latest information on logistics, climate conditions, latest fertilizers, government and private loan schemes helps you arrive at the most effective decision on reaping the most profit from the perishable agrarian market.

Our efforts have been successful as only in the last few months since the availability of this digital product, there has been more than 5 lakhs MandiBhav app download. We automatically benefit from the growth of our subscriptions as this app gives you latest information and advertisements on both Government and corporate projects for the agrarian sector.

Stay hooked to the unique conditions of MandiBhav in Assam through our app because this state is famous for its produce of tea. Compare the rates with other tea-producing states to decide on your latest export strategy at the best prices.