Wheat Farming Information

Wheat Farming Information

Wheat farming is very popular in many different parts of the world, just like rice farming. It is among the mostly cultivated cereal crops, and it is a staple food worldwide. And wheat farming is done in both small scale and commercially. Commercial wheat farming business is becoming very popular gradually.

Health Benefits of Wheat -

Wheat has high source of protein.

Wheat has good source of fibre.

Wheat is a good source of manganese, and magnesium in its unrefined state.

Climate and Land Requirement

Wheat cultivation requires temperate climate, favorable temperature for its cultivation is considered 20-25 degree centigrade at the time of sowing, wheat cultivation is mainly based on irrigation. Loam soil is considered best for wheat cultivation. Is, but it can be cultivated in Baluy loam, heavy loam, matiyar and Mar and Kavar land. Depending on the availability of resources, wheat can be cultivated in all types of land. Before plowing, the soil should be plundered by plowing it well and then by running a tractor on that soil, it should be levelled.

Sowing Time For Wheat Farming - Best Sowing Time for wheat plantation is from november to december. there may be slight variation for each region. to reduce loss caused by late sowing, one should soak seeds in water overnight before sowing, closer spacing, using higher seed rate,shallow and spreading thin covering of farm yard manure soon after sowing.

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