Wheat farming Information

Wheat farming Information

Wheat is a major crop in India. About 97% of the area under wheat is irrigated. Wheat is used by humans mainly as bread for their livelihood, in which protein is found in abundance. Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are the main crop producing regions in India.

Climate and Land Requirement

Wheat cultivation requires temperate climate, favorable temperature for its cultivation is considered 20-25 degree centigrade at the time of sowing, wheat cultivation is mainly based on irrigation. Loam soil is considered best for wheat cultivation. Is, but it can be cultivated in Baluy loam, heavy loam, matiyar and Mar and Kavar land. Depending on the availability of resources, wheat can be cultivated in all types of land. Before plowing, the soil should be plundered by plowing it well and then by running a tractor on that soil, it should be levelled.

Sowing method

Sowing of wheat should be done on time and at sufficient moisture, otherwise there is a decrease in yield. As the sowing is delayed, the yields decline, wheat sowing should be done with seadrill and wheat sowing should always be done in line. Sowing of the combined species should be sown in the appropriate moisture from the first side of October to the second party, now comes the irrigated condition. It is supposed to give four water from time to time i.e. November 15-25, in irrigated condition only 15 for the three watered species. Sowing should be done in proper moisture from November to December 10 and in irrigated conditions, the late sowing species should be sown in proper moisture from December 15-25. , The species that are sown in Usarili land must be sown in the proper moisture around 15 October, now it comes that by which method should sowing wheat should be sown in the lines behind the native plow or in the land from ferticidal Sowing with proper moisture is beneficial, sowing with Pantnagar seedril seed and manure seedril is extremely beneficial.

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