Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme

Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme

Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme  aims to mitigate the hardships of the insured farmers against the financial loss owing to the anticipated crop loss resulting from adverse weather conditions relating torainfall, temperature, wind, humidity etc.

Insurance protection for notified food crops, oilseeds and horticultural /commercial crops.

This provides reimbursement if you lose a large portion of your crops due to uncontrollable events such as heavy winds, drought, hail or extreme temperatures.

Eligible Crops 
The following crops are covered under the Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme:
Food Crops – Cereals, Millets and Pulses.
Commercial or Horticultural crops.

Insurance Time Period
The insurance period will ideally be from sowing period to maturity of the crop. The insurance period is depending on the duration of the crop and weather parameters choosen could vary with individual crops and reference unit areas and would be notified by State Level Co-ordination Committee on Crop Insurance  before the commencement of risk period.

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