Urad Information & Bhav

Urad Information & Bhav

Urad cultivation is a major pulses crop in India. Urad can be cultivated as kharif and zayed. It is very nutritious as a diet, in which protein is 24 percent, carbohydrate 60 percent and a good source of calcium and phosphorus. Urad cultivation also protects the land and supplies fertilizers and other nutrients. Farmers can also use Urad crop as green manure for soil.

Suitable land

Urad can be cultivated successfully from sandy soil to deep black soil with a pH value of 6.5 to 7.8. To get good production of Urad, it is very important to have a leveling of the field and proper arrangement of drainage from the field.

Fertilizer: Urad crop requires 15-20 kg of nitrogen, 40 kg of phosphorus and 20 kg of potash per hectare? Apart from this, by giving 15-20 kg of sulfur per hectare, crop yield has been increased. Provide all the quantity of fertilizers at the time of sowing.

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