Types of Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance etc.

Types of Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance etc.

Types of Insurance - Learn about Types of Insurance like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Property Insurance, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, Guarantee Insurance etc.

Insurance is the protection against any unpredictable situation and against any emergencies.

The main different types of insurances are:

· Life Insurance - As the name insurance suggested covers the life. This insurance actually ensures that you and your family are financially protected and stable in any unfortunately cases.

· General Insurance - This insurance offers for the financial compensation for whatever happens in life. General insurance is all about the insurance car, health, bike the entire travelling vehicle.

· Property Insurance- No business should take a risk of leaving unprotected its building, permanent installations, hardware, stock, and so vice versa.

· Marine Insurance- This insurance protects the loss in the business occurs during the water transport operation. Marine insurance covers the loss or harm of boats, payload, terminals, and any vehicle by which the property is moved, obtained, or held between the purposes of the origin and the last goal.

· Fire Insurance- This type of insurance covers the risk of fire. Without fire insurance, the fire waste will increment not exclusively to the individuals but to society as well.

· Liability Insurance- As the general insurance also include liability insurance  whereby the insured is liable to pay the harm of the property or to make up the loss of personal , damage or demise.

· Social Insurance- The social insurance is to give security to the weaker section of the general public who can't pay the premium for sufficient protection.

· Guarantee Insurance- The guarantee insurance covers the loss emerging because of dishonesty, disappearance, and unfaithfulness of the representatives or second gathering. 

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