Solar Plant For Farming

Solar Plant For Farming

Solar energy is one of the most vital renewable sources of energy that can be utilized for various purposes. Solar energy is widely being adopted in residential, commercial and industrial sectors and it has huge potential to benefit the agriculture sector. So, with an endeavour to offer financial and water security to farmers, the Indian government has launched various schemes to promote the installation of grid-connected solar power plants and solar pumps.

With the traditional power of the farmers of the country, the dependence can be eliminated and made independent. So that crops are not wasted due to power crisis. Farmers should also get the option of earning by selling electricity generated more than they need. This will also reduce the exploitation of ground water.

It requires 5 acres of land to set up a one MW solar plant. Explain that a megawatt solar plant produces about 11 lakh units of electricity in a year. Actually, he told that if the farmer has one acre of land, then a plant of 0.20 MW can be set up there. This plant will generate 2.2 lakh units of electricity annually. He also informed that according to the Kusum scheme, the developers who will put solar plant on the farmer's land will pay 30 paise per unit to the farmer. In fact, the farmer will get 6600 rupees per month. This means that in a year this earning will be around 80,000 rupees. The most important thing is that the ownership of the land will remain with the farmer. This means that if the farmer wants, he can do small farming here with solar plant.

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