Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizers Related Information

Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizers Related Information

Most farmers ask for their own will or local shopkeepers for how much and what fertilizer is to be applied to crops or which insecticide to put on insects and diseases. But at times it not only hurts them a lot but the crop does not benefit despite spending money. If the experts are to be believed then farmers should use them only after taking advice from agricultural scientists.

1. Buy a chemical bag, seed bag or pesticide bottle by checking that it is sealed, also check if the item has expired.

- Take a confirmed bill of purchase, the license number, full name, address and signature should be in the bill. The product name, lot number, bench number, and date are shown in the bill and see the item mixed with it.

- Most of the farmers do not get any compensation despite crop loss due to misuse of pesticide as the farmer does not have a firm receipt to buy goods from the said company or shop.

- There are many benefits of a confirmed receipt - for example, if you are going home with IFFCO's urea and there is an accident on the way, then the farmer's family can get up to four and a half lakh.

 2. Fertilizer, biofertilizer, organic fertilizer or non-edible, de-oiled cake fertilizer are written on fertilizer bags, do not buy such bags if these words are not written.

3. Red, yellow, blue or in two triangles of diamond-shaped squares in the corner of 45 degrees on the CBI registration number and production license given by the Central Insecticides Board on disinfecting medicines including growth hormones. A warning sign of his poisoning is written in green. Never buy it if it is not shown on the bottle, pouch, packet or bag.

4. If there is any doubt about the quality of seeds, pesticides or fertilizers, contact the nearest village servant, extension officer (agriculture), agriculture officer or the office of agriculture regulator (extension).

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