Future agricultural crisis - Corporate farming

Future agricultural crisis - Corporate farming

In the interest of corporate farming, arguments were made for the lack of capital with small farmers, unprofitable farming in small holdings, inability to do mechanical and technical farming etc. It was said that the family farming farmers are not able to increase production. Under the guise of this argument, corporates got into farming by providing land, loans, fertilizers, machinery and technology etc. to the farmers by taking direct ownership or land on lease or long lease or by contracting with the farmers group.

Corporates want to control the farming land, agricultural production, purchase of agricultural products, storage, processing, marketing, import-export etc. To meet the physical needs of specific sections of the world, we also want to cultivate biofuels, fruits, flowers or food grains keeping in mind the global market. The crops from which they will get maximum benefit will be produced and sold at their own terms and prices. Policies and laws are being made to reorganize and facilitate production systems for policy improvement in accordance with contract farming and corporate farming.

The way for corporate farming is being made through contract farming for farmers who will not quit farming. For the dams, industries and infrastructure in the country, crores of hectares of land has already come out of the hands of farmers. Now the remaining land will gradually go to the corporates who have gone on a mission to capture agriculture in the world. It has been a corporate policy to make the system of plunder legal and permanent and authorized.

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